Lessons learned

Man holding a cracked mirror representing lessons learned

Lessons learned

6 years old – You cannot dry your dolls clothes on a lamp. It will explode. Lesson learned.

11 years old – People get annoyed when you accidentally land your bike on the bonnet of their parked car.

12 years old – There is a reason no one is trying to tackle you as you dribble the ball towards the goal. It’s the wrong goal.

14 years old – Parents do not fall for the ‘changing the time on your watch trick’ to justify why you are late.

15 years old – Insisting on sun bathing all day without a break is not clever. You will wake up with a face like the Michelin man.

17 years old – Sun bed shops provide a spray bottle to clean the beds. Not to wash your face. It will burn.

18 years old – There is a jacking point to place the jack to change tyres. If you place it directly on the car body it will dent.

20 years old – Lying in bed eating tuna pasta while watching Supernanny all day does not get your university work done.

24 years old – Juggling a house, job and dog can be tricky. The dog may rip out the internet wires…twice costing you money you do not have.

26 years old – Skinny dipping isn’t all its cracked up to be. Sea urchins are a bugger to get out of your foot.

28 years old – Keeping an eye on the time to catch your flight is important. The plane WILL leave without you. 

29 years old – A building survey is worthwhile. It could save you a large sum of money on your leaking roof. 

Learning from the past

Just some of the lessons learned over the years. You may think they are simply stupid and I must have been a dopey bugger but it taught me some good lessons.

Do you think back over the past and catch yourself in moments where you hang your head in shame. When you want to crawl under a rock and die. But each of those moments has taught us something. Plus we can’t change the past so we might as well take something from it.

Moments we’d rather forget have served a purpose in our future whether we like it or not.

The Journey of life

Let’s explore the areas of our life that we’re likely to have experienced a stupid, embarrassing or terrifying moment and think what we’ve learned from it.

Young and clueless

It begins with school. The good and the bad years; hormones are out of control; life gets real but amongst all that some amazing memories are created. As well as some seriously embarrassing ones; especially when your nose explodes with snot and everyone laughs at you. Maybe I’m on my own with that corker. I’m sure you can think of your own. Maybe you accidentally let out a fart in class or your boyfriend or girlfriend told everyone you were a shit kisser. When you’re a kid that shit hurts but what was learned from it? The snot incident taught me that no matter how embarrassed I feel, I’ll survive. And yeah, they might torment you for the rest of school but you’ll still survive.

Here comes alcohol

Let’s skip to when alcohol makes an appearance. Things start to really go downhill as a sack full of regrets are gathered.

“Why did I jump on the drum kit when the band were taking a break?”

            “OMG! I poured my heart out to a total stranger last night.”


We experience some of our cringiest moments under the influence. The majority of the nation has declared ‘I’m never drinking again’ but we do time and time again. We have a stern word with ourselves and promise we won’t repeat the actions that caused the last whirlwind of ruminations. We develop a sense of trust in ourselves to learn from the mistake and not do it again but sometimes we don’t keep that promise. None the less, we give ourselves the opportunity to learn. And hey, we are only human! We can’t always be dignified.

We need to remind ourselves as we sit there with our head in our hands; people aren’t that interested in our life to waste their time thinking about it so why are we.

The up’s and downs of employment

As we worm our way into employment, we try our best to impress but sometimes it just doesn’t go to plan. Seizing up and jumbling our words as the big boss attempts to engage in conversation. Wondering why we are suddenly like a timid puppy dog when we know full well outside this situation, we’re a lion. Or trying to take on the office bully and the comeback sounding much better in our head. I’m sure more than one can relate to accidentally sending an email or text message to the wrong person. Just wishing you had the power to turn back time and change it. But this isn’t back to the future and personally I don’t believe in magic so we have to live with our silly mistakes and somehow claw our way forward.

When I was 18 I was working in retail. We sometimes struggled to get the security tags off the clothing so gave them a hard tap to dislodge. Well, one day I did this on an ink security tag – I can still see the ink running onto the £150 light blue dress and the shock on the customers face. But did I ever do it again? Hell no. And I also count my lucky stars that I didn’t get into an ounce of trouble for that stupid mistake.


Alongside this we develop relationships; we put ourselves out there to be vulnerable and sometimes it pays off and other times it doesn’t. Unfortunately, when it doesn’t its like someone has stamped on our heart. But we have no choice other than to get back up because life won’t stop. We have to power through the awkward first dates, saying the wrong thing and oozing bad breath in the morning. And in the end, it’s a wonder why we ever worried at all because it all worked out. Because we learned things move on; we find our next heart breaker, we continue to say regrettable things or we learn to be content on our own.

We cannot avoid making mistakes, having embarrassing moments or saying the wrong thing. We’ll never be perfect and the sooner we stop trying to be, the sooner we can learn and laugh from our mishaps. I always wanted to be perfect but when I realised I wasn’t, I felt much happier and accepting of myself.


And if you are still uncertain whether to move on from that cringe worthy memory; just remember you are not on your own! We’ve all been there in some shape or form. Maybe hearing some more embarrassing moments will prove it – click here.

“No regrets in life. Just lessons learned.”

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