I’m Frankie!

My aim is to grab life by the horns and bloody enjoy it and while I’m at it, pull in some of you along the way. The journey of life can be a tricky one to suss and we all experience bumps in the road, that’s why I want to spread the ways to wellbeing so we can start making the steps towards a life of fulfilment.  

I’m a welsh gal that speaks very little welsh…not proud to admit that. I have worked with people for many years and have a Bachelor’s degree in the field of social science. I am lucky enough to live my passion for people every day and love nothing more than seeing people reach their full potential.

The aim of the game is to take it back to basics; it isn’t about the fancy house, cars or holidays (although I do love a good holiday), it’s about what we have now and finding peace in that…before moving on to the other stuff. I know this topic can sometimes seem mumbo jumbo, living at one with the earth and all that crap but I’m real and realise it’s not all rainbows and butterfly’s (thank you for that glorious song lyric Maroon 5) but this is a journey and only WE can choose to live it.

I am passionate about wellbeing and have been ever since learning the steps to take towards self-development. I have been inspired by the 5 ways to wellbeing; to keep learning, stay active, connect with others, give back and take notice of the world around us. The combination of these 5 steps could be your creation of a life of fulfilment. So, let’s get cracking and live like we’ve never lived before!

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